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संयम saMyama m. self-control edit
दम dama m. n. self-control edit
दमथ damatha m. self-control edit
शासन zAsana n. self-control edit
संयमन saMyamana n. self-control edit
दमायति { दमाय } damAyati { damAya } verb control one's self edit
वैवश्य vaivazya n. want of self-control edit
दमथु damathu m. self-control punishment edit
यम yama m. self-control forbearance edit
दमोपेत damopeta adj. endowed with self-control edit
दममय damamaya adj. consisting of self-control edit
दमदान damadAna n. self-control and liberality edit
स्ववश svavaza adj. having control of one's self edit
दमशरीरिन् damazarIrin adj. keeping one's body in self-control edit
सांयमन sAMyamana adj. relating to restraint or self-control edit
त्रिदमथवस्तुकुशल tridamathavastukuzala m. skilled in the threefold self-control edit
स्वायत्त svAyatta adj. dependent on one's self being under one's own control edit
अनियतात्मन् aniyatAtman m. one whose self or spirit is not regulated or under proper control edit
संयमिन् saMyamin adj. self-controlled edit
दमिन् damin adj. self-controlled edit
संयमवत् saMyamavat adj. self-controlled edit
दमायति { दमाय् } damAyati { damAy } verb denom. control oneself edit
नियतात्मन् niyatAtman adj. self-controlled edit
दमन damana adj. self-controlled edit
संयामवत् saMyAmavat adj. self-controlled edit
स्ववश svavaza adj. self-controlled edit
संयतवत् saMyatavat adj. self-controlled edit
सुदान्त sudAnta m. very self-controlled edit
प्रसाह prasAha m. controlling one's self edit
संयत saMyata adj. self-controlled with regard to edit
कुधृति kudhRti adj. one who has little or no control over himself edit
सुयन्त्रित suyantrita adj. well restrained or governed or self-controlled edit
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