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सहनशीलता sahanazIlatA f. patience
सहन sahana n. patience
क्षमा kSamA f. patience
तितिक्षा titikSA f. patience
सहिष्णुता sahiSNutA f. patience
क्षान्ति kSAnti f. patience
उपेक्षा upekSA f. patience
दान्ति dAnti f. patience
धारयिष्णुता dhArayiSNutA f. patience
परिधारणा paridhAraNA f. patience
परिषहा pariSahA f. patience
उपशम upazama m. patience
मर्ष marSa m. patience
मर्षित marSita m. patience
सम्मर्ष sammarSa m. patience
क्षमित्व kSamitva n. patience
धैर्य dhairya n. patience
क्षान्त kSAnta n. patience
सहिष्णुत्व sahiSNutva n. patience
सहित्र sahitra n. patience
स्थैर्य sthairya n. patience
Sa n. patience
धैर्यं धारय dhairyaM dhAraya sent. Have patience.
क्षान्तिवादिन् kSAntivAdin adj. praising patience
क्षान्तिवर्णवादिन् kSAntivarNavAdin adj. praising patience
सहते { सह् } sahate { sah } verb 1 have patience with
क्षमाशील kSamAzIla adj. practising patience
क्षमान्वित kSamAnvita adj. endowed with patience
क्षमावर्त kSamAvarta m. whirlpool of patience
क्षमाशिफ kSamAzipha adj. having patience as fibres
सहते { सह् } sahate { sah } verb have patience with anyone
तितिक्षते { तिज् } titikSate { tij } verb caus. suffer with courage or patience
सदृशक्षम sadRzakSama adj. of equal patience or forbearance
धैर्ययुक्त dhairyayukta adj. possessed of firmness or patience
धैर्यवत् dhairyavat adj. possessed of firmness or patience
श्रितक्षम zritakSama adj. one who has had recourse to patience
क्षमाकर kSamAkara adj. one who has patience with any one or is indulgent
क्षमालिङ्गात्मपीडावत् kSamAliGgAtmapIDAvat adj. in which testimonies for patience practised and an estimate of one's damage or loss are given
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