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अनुतिलम् anutilam ind. by grains
धान्यचारिन् dhAnyacArin adj. eating grains
बीजवर bIjavara m. best of grains
व्रीहिश्रेष्ठ vrIhizreSTha m. best of grains
शालि zAli m. grains of rice  [ pl. ]
धान्यजीविन् dhAnyajIvin adj. living on grains
उञ्छ uJcha m. gathering grains
यावक yAvaka n. grains of barley
व्रीहि vrIhi m. rice grains of rice
वनधान्य vanadhAnya n. grains of wild corn
परिवाप parivApa m. fried grains of rice
ईसति { ईष् } Isati { IS } verb collect a few grains
ईसते { ईष् } Isate { IS } verb collect a few grains
तिलशम tilazama adj. eating sesamum grains
गुडधाना guDadhAnA f. grains with sugar and
धान्यजीविन् dhAnyajIvin m. bird living on grains
साक्षत sAkSata adj. having grains of barley
धान्यानि सस्येभ्यः आगच्छन्ति dhAnyAni sasyebhyaH Agacchanti sent. grains come from plants
वैणव vaiNava adj. made of grains of barley
बीजोत्क्रष्टृ bIjotkraSTR m. one who picks out grains
फलीकरण phalIkaraNa m. chaff or smallest grains
शतशर्कर zatazarkara n. hundred grains of gravel
करम्बित karambita adj. reduced to grains or dust
प्रसृति prasRti f. a handful used as measure  [ e.g. of grains ]
परीवाप parIvApa m. fried grains or sour milk
सतिल satila adj. together with sesamum grains
प्रसातिका prasAtikA f. kind of rice with small grains
कुवलसक्तु kuvalasaktu m. Jujuba fruits and barley grains
कणान्न kaNAnna adj. one whose food consists of grains
आमपेष AmapeSa m. grains pounded in a raw condition
शम्योष zamyoSa m. grains or seed of a legume or pod
कंसमाक्षिक kaMsamAkSika m. metallic substance in large grains
फालीकरण phAlIkaraNa adj. made of husks or the smallest grains
सारतण्डुल sArataNDula m. rice in whole grains slightly boiled
मैश्रधान्य maizradhAnya n. dish prepared by mixing various grains
कुम्भधान्य kumbhadhAnya adj. having grains only to fill a single pot
उञ्छन uJchana n. gathering grains of corn in market-places
आनुतिल्य Anutilya adj. belonging or conformable to grains of Sesamum
पाञ्चप्रसृतिकी pAJcaprasRtikI f. mixture of 4 kinds of grease with grains of rice
यावकव्रतिन् yAvakavratin adj. living only on the grains of barley found in cow-dung
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