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Recent entries into the dictionary:
काली kAlI f. defamation
काली kAlI f. Fragrant Padri tree  [ Bignonia Suaveolens - Bot. ]
काली kAlI f. black colour
काली kAlI f. row or succession of black clouds
काली kAlI f. one of the seven tongues or flames of fire
काली kAlI f. ink or blacking
काली kAlI f. St. Thomas lidpod plant   [ Ipomoea Turpethum - Bot. ]
काली kAlI f. night
कलि kali f. present age
काली kAlI f. form of durgA
काली kAlI f. abuse
काली kAlI f. worm or animalcule generated in the acetous fermentation of milk
कलि kali f. unblown flower
कलि kali f. goddess of time
काली kAlI f. one of the mAtRs or divine mothers
काली kAlI f. censure
काली kAlI f. kind of clay
कलि kali f. bud
काली kAlI f. one of the sixteen vidyAdevIs
कलि kali m. contention
कलि kali m. bastard myrobalan tree  [ Terminalia Belerica - Bot. ]
कलि kali m. symbolical expression for the number 1
कलि kali m. worst of a class or number of objects
कलि kali m. strife
कलि kali m. hero
कलि kali m. discord
कलि kali m. quarrel
कलि kali m. name of current aeon  [ Cosmology ]
कलि kali m. losing die
खली khalI f. sediment or deposit of oil
खलि khali m. sediment of oil or oil-cake
तूल-खलि tUla-khali m. cotton cake
काली करोति { कालीकृ } kAlI karoti { kAlIkR } verb blacken
खली करोति { खलीकृ } khalI karoti { khalIkR } verb hurt
खली करोति { खलीकृ } khalI karoti { khalIkR } verb injure
खली करोति { खलीकृ } khalI karoti { khalIkR } verb reduce to sediment
खली करोति { खलीकृ } khalI karoti { khalIkR } verb treat ill
खली करोति { खलीकृ } khalI karoti { khalIkR } verb crush
तूलबीज-खलि tUlabIja-khali m. cottonseed cake
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