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Frequently Asked Questions (WORK IN PROGRESS !)
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1What is
2What is the content of the dictionary?
3What does editable dictionary mean?
4What does hypertext dictionary mean?
5Why does this dictionary contain many words which I would never use in spoken language?
6Why are some of the entries displayed in red color?
7What is the key novelty of this dictionary?
8I don’t read Devanagari script. How can I learn to pronounce the Sanskrit words correctly from the transliteration?
9What do the abbreviations under 'Grammar' column mean (e.g., “adj", "ppp", etc)?
10The transliteration of Sanskrit words does not seem intuitive, e.g., using the letter 'z' for 'sh'. Why don’t you use simple phonetic transliteration scheme like I see in some Indian language web sites?
11How can I suggest a new entry in the dictionary?
12I found a mistake in one of the entries in the dictionary. Who do I contact to get this fixed?
13I know a lot of Sanskrit words and expressions which I have been using at home since childhood. Is it OK to add those in the dictionary?
14Is there a way to use on my mobile phone?
15Is there an offline version of dictionary that I can download?
16Can I integrate into my website or provide link to it?
17How can I report an error?
18I want a Sanskrit translation for my tattoo. Can you help?
19What is the organization behind this dictionary? Who maintains this website?
20I have a question that is not in this FAQ? What do I do?