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औदुम्बर audumbara n. piece of udumbara wood  [ Ficus racemosa - Bot. ]
काठकोपनिषद् kAThakopaniSad f. another name for kaThopaniSad
यज्ञवृक्ष yajJavRkSa m. banyan tree  [ Ficus Indica - Bot. ]
कॢप्त { कॢप् } klRpta { klRp } adj. formed
शीतमञ्जरी zItamaJjarI f. night-flowering coral jasmine  [ Nyctanthes Arbor Tristis - Bot. ]
घन ghana n. kind of creeper
छागीक्षीरनाश chAgIkSIranAza m. fearsome Piraay tree   [ Trophis Aspera - Bot ]
सुफला suphalA f. bitter cucumber  [ Citrullus colocynthis - Bot. ]
योयुध्यते yoyudhyate verb 1 wish to fight
सिन्दुवार sinduvAra m. five-leaved chaste tree  [ Vitex Negundo - Bot. ]
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